Our Curriculum

The Cubs Corner curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework outlined by the Australian Government Department for Education and Training. At Cubs Corner, we give little ones a springboard to the start of their formal education.


The curriculum is based around three core principles:


Being - Whilst we encourage growth and learning, our little ones are children, and we encourage them to be so. We don’t believe in rushing childhood, and provide plentiful opportunities for our little ones to have fun, and simply ‘be’.  

Becoming - We know that the early childhood years are crucial to shaping a child’s future. At Cubs Corner, we support our little ones to reach their full potential, and grow into successful learners, who are confident and creative, active and informed citizens.


Belonging - Nurturing a feeling of belonging is at the heart of everything we do at Cubs Corner. We want everyone at our centre to feel at home, whether a child, or a parent. We know that when we feel like we belong, our all round wellbeing increases, and we are able to thrive. A Cubs Corner we cultivate positive and supportive relationships between our staff and children, and between all of our little ones.

We believe that learning is everywhere, and our brand new centre has been designed to encourage inquisitive children and opportunities for development in every moment. We work together with our parents in partnership to support our little ones' growth into happy, confident and bright children.